Engagement Photoshoot at Bethesda Terrace and Fountain | Engagement in Central Park New York

April 7, 2019

New York City is an amazing place for taking engagement pictures. The city provides numerous numbers of beautiful park and recreation zones so for couples there are many choices for the engagement photo shoot. Today I want to share with you some images from the recent engagement photo shoot in Central Park at Bethesda Terrace and Fountain.

Engagement Photoshoot at Bethesda Fountain

Photoshoot Day

It was a beautiful winter day in New York and I met with Irene and his Fiance victor at around 4 pm. They are a beautiful couple for who I’m going to work later as a wedding photographer. Most of my wedding clients purchase an engagement photo shoot, and I think it is a really great decision. Engagement photo shoots are great because they give the couple a chance to feel, how is that to be in front of the camera.

We met at Bethesda Fountain and started to get ready for the photoshoot. There were many people on that date around the fountain and terrace, so I didn’t have much time to pose a couple. I gave some basic instruction on what to do, how to pose and we started creating! For that photo shoot, I used a flash Profoto B10. This is an amazing device that can easily overpower the sun and deliver nice soft light.

When I was a beginner photographer I didn’t use any flashes, because I thought that it is very complicated to set them up and use. However, the last 3 years I always have a few speedlights with me and sometimes bring some powerful flashes as Profoto to overpower the sun during the midday. Using off-camera flash helps to deliver great results in portrait photography. You can easily control the amount of light you want to have on the subject and in the background.

Final Results

We spent about 2 hours in Central Park taking engagement pictures next to the fountain and Bethesda Terrace. After I came home I started to review photos, and loved all of them! The couple looks gorgeous, and the location was perfect for a great photoshoot experience. At the end of this post, I attached a photo gallery where you can view some of the best photos from this photoshoot.

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